Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jodhpur - Blue City of Rajasthan - Picture - Video

Jodhpur widely known as blue city of Rajasthan, Jodhpur is a highly fortified city. The city is well identified by the Meherangarh fort, standing tall on the sandstone hills. This fort is one of the brilliant specimens of the Rajsthan's architecture and thus attracting numerous tourists on Jodhpur tours. As you approach to this city, the mighty fort will zoom into the horizon. The magnificent city of Jodhpur lies beneath the fort.

Jodhpur blue city
The old city of Jodhpur justifies the sobriquet of blue city. The city is not highly developed but it tourism significance is no less. The city encircled by 10 km long wall has a number of narrow glittering streets, selling various things like incense, roses, sewers, saris and perfume. But the hectic pace of city doesn’t lessens the tourists love for the city who keep pouring in year after year on Jodhpur tours to explore the various attractions of the city. Some of these tourist attractions are as follows:

Also check this video on Blue city.

Jodhpur - Rajasthan -

Mehrangarh Fort: - this magnificent fort is one of the prime attractions of Jodhpur. It is a captivating place to visit. The fort located at a height of 125m is a fascinating piece of architecture. This one of the largest forts encompasses many palaces, museum, galleries and temples. The museum is home to the outstanding compilation of Royal tapings depicting the affluence of Marwars. The Chamunda Devi Temple in the fort complex is devoted to the goddess Durga. The widow alcoves of the temple offers a Panoramic view of the city .

Umaid Bhawan Palace: - This palace is another gem from the treasure trove of Jodhpur and a significant reason for the Jodhpur tour. One part of this magnificent palace with 365 rooms has been turned into hotel and museum and another serves as home of the present Maharaja of Jodhpur .

Jaswant Thada: Jaswant Thada memorial houses the royal cenotaph in pure white marble and serves as a landmak in Jodhpur.

The other attractions of Jodhpur tours are; Mandore Park, Kilana Lake and Maha Mandir. Besides this exploring the city markets at your own is an experience in itself.


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