Sunday, October 11, 2009

Camel Fair Pushkar - Winter festival in Rajasthan

Camel Fair Pushkar

Camel is also called ship of deserts as it is the only animal able to adjust well in this barren land. The significance of this animal in Rajasthan cannot be undermined as this creature helps making life comfortable. Camel fair pushkarThe camel fair Pushkar can be a chance to appreciate the utility of this animal. This fair in the small town of Pushkar is a window to explore the colourful rural life of the Rajasthan. The weeklong pushkar camel fair is held on Ashtami in the Hindu month of Kartik (October-November) on the full moon day. For the entire week, activities like live stock, camel and horse trading take place. The fair receives huge crowd and great tourists influx from India and abroad. This fair is also an occasion for showcasing acrobatics, comedy, music and folk dances of the local Rajasthani performers, giving travellers an insight into the life of the region.

The camel fair Pushkar is held in the winters when weather is pretty good, giving a breather from the hot summers. The sand dunes are all new weaving music on the wind tunes. The huge vibrancy of rainbows embraces both man and the surroundings equally. The shops showcase every hue and colour of the Rajasthan. Even the camels are not untouched with these colours as they come decorated with attractive accessories on the occasion of camel fair Pushkar. The aura attached with this village of Pushkar is welcomed with great interest and enthusiasm by the tourists as they come all the way from their countries to explore the Pushkar Camel fair and participate actively in the camel races and various other activities.

Apart from the camel fair, Pushkar is also known for one of the few temples of Lord Brahma. The place got its name from the flower petals. Pushkar refers to being born from flower. According to a Hindu belief a swan was released by the Gods carrying a lotus in its beak. It was supposed that where the flower will fall the God Brahma will perform a large yagna there. The place where flower fall, named as Pushkar. By going on camel fair Pushkar you will discover this mythical place.

This camel fair is marked by the numerous stalls adorning this sacred place. After conclusion of camel fair, the fair takes a holy turn as people jostle for a holy dip in the lake as it salvages from all the sins of present and previous births.


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