Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rajasthan Festivals - How rajasthani people celebrate their festivals

Rajasthan, the land of former royals is a house of vast deserts, loaded cultural heritage and simple and welcoming people. The vivacious and colorful cultural milieu of Rajasthan makes it an attractive tourist destination. But what make tourist enthralled is festivals in Rajasthan. It is the main reason why a high percentage of tourists come to visit the place. People irrespective of age group can be seen in colorful clothes walking around in streets. People from the neighboring towns and villages as well as international tourists buy traditional items and hang with folk performances.
The reason behind festivities may vary as it is change of season and sometimes the it is related from religion. But as it appears that people left no chance to celebrate the moment Along with the environment, the sweltering soil of Rajasthan too celebrates the traditional festivals with natives.

Some of the well known festivals of Rajasthan includes
• Camel Festival Bikaner
• Desert Festival Jaisalmer
• Elephant Festival Jaipur
• Gangaur Festival Jaipur
• Mewar Festival, Udaipur
• the Teej Festival Jaipur
• Ganesh Chaturthi
• Kota dussehra
• Shekhawati festivals also gathers a huge crowd every year. All these festivals make Rajasthan a colourful country as it is called Rangeelo Rajasthan.

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